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As a player

If you would like to chat to someone about any aspect of possibly playing or joining Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble either as a young person or as a beginner adult please telephone Sheila Rodger at 0141-942-0285 in the evening or at weekends or e-mail dwe@dwemusic.org

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Anyone over eighteen can play with Monday Swing Big Band but if you would like the reassurance of a chat with someone before coming along please telephone Crichton Mc Dougall at 0141-942-4447 during the day or evening or e-mail mondayswing@dwemusic.org


As a parent

In addition to the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trustees who have the task of fundraising and monitoring our use of funds, we also have a working DWE Committee made up of some trustees and parents who organise the day to day running of the band, concerts and other events. This DWE Committee meets no more than once a month usually on a rehearsal evening to plan our activities. Just as older band members move on and we welcome new faces to the band, we always require new parents to join the Committee.

 Without parental help the Wind Ensemble could not continue.

If as a parent you do not feel able to join the Committee at the moment perhaps you could help on a more casual basis. Fundraising, stewarding concerts and managing the music library are examples where occasional help is always welcome.


As a supporter

If you or your organisation might be interested in providing financial assistance to the Trust by donation or through sponsorship of performances by either of our bands please telephone Ellen Beattie at 0141-563-8980 in the evening or at weekends. Ellen can also advise on how we might help other charities with their fundraising events.


As an audience


As with all bands the players of Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble and Monday Swing welcome the opportunity to entertain the public. In recent years the bands have performed in a variety of settings including church and public halls, private clubs, bandstands and the great outdoors.

 As part of our fundraising contribution to the work of the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust our bands are always happy to participate in events and concerts separately or together. We are very willing to participate in charity fund raising events.

A donation towards the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust is normally invited based on the purpose of the event and the attendance expected.

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