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About us

It all started in January 1973 when the Dunbartonshire County Concert Band was formed by two professional musicians who at that time worked for BBC Scotland. Its aim was to provide playing opportunities for a growing number of amateur musicians taking up woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. Their inaugural concert was held in May 1973 and the band numbered 80, aged seven to seventy. In 1974 the youngest players were seen to need separate rehearsals and were formed into the Dunbartonshire County Wind Ensemble which retained links with the Concert Band and shared concerts.

In 1980 the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust was established as a Charity with a registered constitution which clearly defined objectives and management structure. The formation of the Trust made it possible to accept and manage a number of financial sponsorship over the years. From this time the Wind Ensemble became known as the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble (DWE), the name by which our youth wind band is still known today.

By 1984 rehearsals for a new DWE stage band were introduced and this group swiftly became the Monday Swing Big Band which continues today as a fund raising, fun band for adults, some still playing with the Wind Ensemble.

Over the years, many professional musicians have lent a hand to our bands both in rehearsals and concerts, performing, tutoring and composing. It is this constant contribution by professional musicians which continues to be one of the enduring strengths of our organisation.

The Objectives of the Trust

The Deed of Declaration of Trust entered into by our original Trustees on 4 July 1980 sets out the organisational structure of the Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust, the duties of the Trustees and the purpose of the Trust. There must always be five or more Trustees and they hold the funds and assets of the Trust whether obtained by voluntary subscription, donation or purchase. The purposes of the Trust must always remain legally charitable and are as follows:

  • To provide facilities to enable young people in or around the district formerly known as Dunbartonshire to learn, practice, obtain tuition in and appreciate the skills of music and generally to promote musical education and appreciation of music.
  • To provide and assist in the provision of facilities, whether by way of musical instruments, music, professional tuition, places for meetings, discussions, rehearsals or otherwise for all or any of the foregoing activities.
  • To assist in any way the said young people to develop their musical skills and talents to the full.
  • To assist and co-operate with any body or organisation, voluntary or otherwise, having similar or complimentary purposes.
  • To raise funds for all or any of the foregoing purposes.
  • To do such other things as in the opinion of the Trustees are necessary or desirable to further any or all of the foregoing purposes.

Grants, Donations and Sponsorship

The principal source of finance for the Trust has always been the voluntary annual subscriptions paid by all our players and fund raising concerts. However the generous support given by other organisations from time to time has made it possible for our players to participate in many exciting musical projects which might not otherwise have been possible.

In the years from 1973 financial support has been obtained from Dunbartonshire Education Committee, Esso, The Scottish Arts Council, Awards for All, East Dunbartonshire Community Chest, many private individuals and businesses and most recently the East Dunbartonshire Council Community Grant Scheme.

Outside financial support has made it possible for us to purchase for use in our bands a number of instruments including tuba, two baritone saxophones, vibraphone, drum kit, xylophone and a set of tympana. This strategy allows our young players to play expensive and large instruments which enrich the sound of the ensemble without incurring expense for their parents.

Grants and sponsorship over the years have made it possible for the Trust to commission and present a number of new works from composers based in Scotland these include ‘Spring Suit’ by Martin Norris, ‘New Scottish Melody’ by Glyn Bragg, ‘A Plain Man’s Hammer ‘ by Martin Dalby, ‘Celebrations’ by Bruce Frazer and most recently ‘Suite Vibes’ by Adrian Drover. This later piece featured Heather Corbett one of the country’s finest percussionists playing our recently purchased vibraphone.

Sponsorship in the past has made it possible for DWE to perform at the International Youth Festival in Nuremberg, Glasgow City Halls, Henry Wood Hall, Glasgow Garden Festival Arena, The Burrell Museum, Kelvinhall Arena, Glasgow Transport Museum and the Scottish Exhibition Centre.

From our own resources our musical groups continue our tradition of music making in Public Halls, schools, churches, golf clubs, and in the open air of our parks and precincts, raising funds for ourselves and other charities. We have found, like all other amateur music groups, that playing for the public provides the dynamic for improved personal and group performance in addition to the pleasure of playing.

If you would like to discuss any aspect of our organisation please click onto Contacts to find the name and telephone number of a DWE Trustee knowledgeable in your particular area of interest.

Membership Details

Membership Forms

Every player in our bands must complete a membership form each year. The form allows us to keep in contact with you during the year and provides essential information should an emergency arise at a rehearsal night or concert.

Forms are available on rehearsal nights from Committee members.


The annual subscription is the same for children and adults and entitles adults to play with both the Wind Ensemble and Monday Swing.

Single Membership

Fee payment of £90 per annum, due by October.

OR two instalments, £45 by October, the remaining £45 by February.

Family Membership

Family membership is available to 2 or more members of the same family who play with either or both DWE and Monday Swing.

Fee payment of £130 per annum, due by October.

OR two instalments, £65 by October, the remaining £65 by February.

Cheques should be made payable to Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust and can be handed to any Committee member on band nights together with a completed and signed Membership Form.

OR completed Membership Forms and cheques can be posted to

K Vass , DWE Trustee, Drumnoth, Campsie Dene Road, Blanefield, G63 9BN.

Income Tax Reimbursement to the Trust.

Because Dunbartonshire Wind Ensemble Trust is a registered Charity, we can benefit from GIFT AID on any subscription or donation paid to us by a United Kingdom taxpayer. The Inland Revenue, on properly documented request from us, will refund the tax payable on these amounts to the Trust. Clearly this reimbursement is very valuable to us and we would ask all members to fill in their membership forms carefully and sign them.

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